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Our certification program aligns with national standards. We have the additional benefit of a local mentoring program, continuing education opportunities, and community resources, providing us with the most professional and truly prepared birth workers.

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Birth Doula Workshop March 22nd-24th, 2019!!

This is a comprehensive 3-day doula training designed for both the new doula just starting a practice and the experienced doula looking for additional support. The class offers an understanding of pregnancy and birth anatomy and focuses on the special role of the doula during this process. This is a hands-on, participatory workshop, which requires an application and some pre-reading of materials.

Your doula training is a step towards certification. Once the requirements are met, you will be certified with Life Cycles Doulas (LCCD) Buffalo Chapter. This is a training program that aligns with national standards for certification but includes additional resources, professional support, continuing education, and a mentoring program through the Buffalo Doula Collective.

Friday, March 22nd from 5pm-9pm
Saturday, March 23rd from 9am-5pm
Sunday, March 24th from 9am-5pm

*What is a doula? What is our role with families and caregivers?
*The significance of birth in women’s lives
*How does a doula affect a woman’s birth?
*How do we work with the birthing community, OB/GYN, and midwives?
*Doulas role – with families and caregivers
*understanding of physiology and anatomy of birth
*understanding of labor progress
*Labor support- emotional and physical
*Comfort measures for birth and postpartum
*the doula’s role, scope of practice, professional ethics, and standards of practice
*the role of a doula in difficult situations like trauma or loss
*what it is to be a doula vs. labor coach vs. friend
*communication skills
*interviewing, paperwork, and how to get hired
*the doula’s role as an advocate, offering choice, not advice or judgment
*prenatal visits with clients and how to conduct them
*providing emotional support, including culturally-sensitive support
*newborn care and protecting the postpartum period *breastfeeding support
*hearing your client’s birth story
*Working as a doula in the unique setting WNY has for birth: home, hospitals, and birth center
*Current medical birth practices
*Doula business aspects and professionalism
*Certification process for Life Cycles Doulas (LCD)


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