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Gina Varney, Owner

Gina Varney has been a birth and postpartum doula since 2009. She believes every family deserves respectful, personalized, evidence-based support and care. Her passion for creating a standard for doula professionalism inspired her to offer a local training and certification program including mentoring and professional support. Since 2014 this program has trained over 60 local birth and postpartum doulas. She is a placenta encapsulation specialist and also offers a local training and certification program for encapsulation. She is proud to offer WNY a unique doula agency offering the most qualified doulas for birth and postpartum and placenta services, She is a co- leader of the Western New York chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) and facilitates the VBAC support group at Birthing Center of Buffalo. Gina has three children and lives in North Buffalo.

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Meet our Doulas

Did you know the Buffalo Doula Collective trains and mentors our doulas right here in Buffalo? Our certification program aligns with national standards with the additional benefit of local mentoring, providing us with the most professional and truly prepared birth workers.

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Let us help you through every phase of parenthood.

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