Postpartum Support

Transitions are challenging. You can trust our doulas to be your guide.


Our postpartum doulas are prepared to help ease and guide each addition to your family. It’s hard to know what you may need. We will provide you the guidance and support in whatever way you find most helpful.

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“After suffering from postpartum PTSD with my first baby, I knew that I might have a hard time with my second. 4 weeks after her birth, my husband left on a business trip and I had a really rough time. Out of desperation, I began searching the internet for help and that’s when I found Gina and her awesome team of doulas! Within hours, Gina contacted me and sent 2 doulas to my home to address my postpartum needs. We loved both of them and they started offering us nighttime support immediately. I am convinced that the support of our doulas stopped me from spiraling into postpartum depression. Not only were our doulas super supportive, they helped get out daughter on a sleep schedule. She’s 11 weeks old and giving us 4-5 hour sleep windows. Life is a lot more manageable now! I wish I knew this existed when I had our first. I’d highly recommend contacting Gina to see how she and her fabulous team can help you in this hectic stage of life.”

-Monica, creator of

Nervous about the care of a new baby?


Get tips, information, and guidance as you learn your unique baby. Guidance with bathing, babywearing, comforting, feeding, pumping, sleep strategies

Our doulas are prepared to assist you with each step.

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Is your family growing?


Your doula team will help with older children, care for your home, and guide you with professional, nonjudgmental support so you can enjoy your growing family.

We will be there for your family when you need us.

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