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Hi! I’m Gina, one of over 150 worldwide Evidence Based Birth® instructors. We are birth professionals specially trained in how to help families get evidence based care. I was inspired to join Evidence Based Birth®’s elite team because of my experience as a mother and as a birth doula.
As a mother of three, all born before 2005, I really struggled to find evidence based information and resources when pregnant in WNY. The internet was not an option for my first two. Without information a click away, and feeling especially isolated in my community of childless friends, I relied on my care providers. I felt confident, and trusted my body and my instincts, hoping I could trust my birth team. I was so disheartened and discouraged when this simply was not enough to achieve the respectful and empowering experience I hoped for, for myself, and or for my babies. I felt powerless and disregarded during my first two births.
For my last birth, the internet was now a resource, and I read everything I could find to be more informed and to better prepare my mind and body, and know my options. I found a team I trusted to support my choices, and with knowledge and evidence, I achieved the most positive birth experience I could have imagined. Still, it was a challenge every step of the way. I wished I had guidance. I wanted a tour guide to lead my way so I could relax instead of struggle. With the hard sought knowledge I had acquired, I really wanted to help build and support a better birthing future for my friends and for each of my three children. This passion for building resources to information, options and respectful care for all, led me to doula work. During my years supporting families I constantly used Evidence Based Birth® as a resource. I really recognized the need for informed choice in maternity care. In WNY we are fortunate to have so many options, but this can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry. I am here to help!
The desire for an empowering experience and knowing you have received the best care is universal. We may all be looking for different things for our birth, but we all want to understand our options and feel prepared. Knowledge is power. It’s my mission to guide families with information and non-judgmental support. Becoming an instructor is a dream come true, enabling me the perfect platform for my mission. I am so honored and excited to offer Western New York families and birth professionals community Evidence Based Birth® classes and to watch us all grow to the best we can be.

What I Offer

Workshops, Classes, and Mentoring Color

Classes are all being done virtually at this time. 


Savvy Birth 101

Are you anxious about your upcoming birth?

Are you looking forward to having a baby, but worried about what it’s like to be a “patient” in the hospital system?

Never fear, Savvy Birth 101 is here! 

The 1-hour Savvy Birth Workshop for parents was developed by Evidence Based Birth®
to give you the inside scoop on how to form the ultimate birth team, so when the time comes to bring your baby into the world, you can find yourself t the center of respectful, evidence-based care.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define evidence-based care and discuss the difference between evidence-based
care and routine care
2. Describe how the power system works in most hospital labor and delivery units
3. Discuss ways to create a team-based atmosphere in the birthing room, so that
you and your partner can get evidence-based, family-centered care

$25 per couple


Savvy Birth Workshop.png

The 3-hour Savvy Birth Workshop for parents was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you and your partner the confidence and know-how you need to have a more positive, empowering experience in the birthing room.

The hospital experience can be scary.

  • Hospitals are for sick people. I’m not sick. I’m having a baby

  • How do I advocate for my wishes to be respected?

  • My partner is nervous about speaking up. Are there ways they can do so respectfully?

  • How can I avoid receiving the “typical bundle” of interventions?

  • What do I need to do to create a support team with all the tools to help me have an empowering birth?

EBB_Tagline-01In this class we will discuss:

What does research support as the safest way to give birth? 
● What is the inside scoop on the hospital statistics and policies in our area? 
● How does midwifery care differ from OB care? 
● How can you talk respectfully with health care staff if you feel you’re being pressured into unnecessary interventions? 
● How can you ensure that your birth plan is respected? 
● How can doulas work with your partner AND your nurse to help you feel supported? 
● What are your legal rights in the birthing room?

$75 per couple

Upcoming Savvy Birth Workshops:

All classes are currently virtual. Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a private class.

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