The doulas in our Collective, while maintaining their individual practices, work closely together and provide backup and support for each other.  When you hire a doula from the Collective you are accessing the skills, care, and knowledge of us all.  The collective offers a tier system to help guide your choice in hiring your doula.  Contact doulas directly to set up a free consultation.

Our Tier I Doulas have gained a level of experience supporting families in all settings.  They have abackground in all areas of birth work that has prepared them to confidently guide families in any circumstance or setting.  Prices may vary between $800-$1000.

Our Tier II Doulas have completed their doula training and all aspects of certification, including additional Buffalo Doula Collective requirements.  They have been navigating our diverse birth community and are prepared to support families in a variety of settings.  Prices may vary between $600-$800.

Our Student Doulas have completed their doula training, the first step towards certification.  They are on the path to completing other Collective requirements.  All student doulas have the guidance of a mentor.  They are equipped with knowledge and are prepared to support families.  Prices may vary between $400-$600.

Please contact us with questions at buffalodoulacollective@gmail.com.

Gina Varney

Tier I Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Co-leader of the WNY chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN).

Gina believes that by empowering woman to own their birth, creating a plan that fits their individual needs, and by giving newborns respectful evidence-based care, we can dramatically improve our future. She is a DONA-trained birth and postpartum doula and a placenta encapsulation specialist. She started Own Birth in 2008 and is committed to helping families become educated, supported and empowered. She is the co-leader of the Western New York chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) and facilitates the monthly VBAC support group at The Birthing Center of Buffalo. Gina is a certified doula trainer for the Life Cycle Collective Doulas (LCCD) She has three children, and lives in Kenmore, NY.

(716) 238-0708

LuAnn Conte

Tier I Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, L&D Nurse, Breastfeeding Counselor, Pediatric Advanced Life Support certified, Hypnobirthing certified and Placental Encapsulation trained.

LuAnn was a labor and delivery nurse for 23 years. She is hypnobirth certified and a DONA trained birth doula, a childbirth educator, breast feeding counselor (PCE), and postpartum doula. She has pediatric advanced life support certification and is trained in placental encapsulation (Life Cycles). LuAnn is currently an apprentice midwife. She has served hundreds of families in WNY and has made it her lifes work to provide the best care for each, always striving to meet the individual needs of each woman by supporting every family with committed, compassionate care. She is a Life Cycles Collective Doulas (LCCD) certified trainer. LuAnn is the mother of four and lives in Niagara Falls with her husband and two dogs.

(716) 478-5764

Rebecca Mercurio

Tier I Birth Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Infant Massage Instructor, Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy

A perpetual student of anatomy and bodywork, Rebecca has been working as a licensed massage therapist since 2005. A lifetime of travel and curiosity inform her work. Her yoga practice began in India in 1998. She studied and was attuned to the traditional Usui and Karuna healing systems in Japan and became a Reiki Master in 1999. While pregnant with her son she trained under Gurmukh Kuar Khalsa and became a prenatal yoga instructor in 2012. Rebecca holds a BA in Communications from Fordham University in addition to professional certifications in Essential Oils Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, Infant CPR and is a DONA trained Birth Doula. She is fiercely dedicated to supporting women and their families throughout the powerful transformations of pregnancy and birth.

(917) 974-9021

Jennifer Lombardo

Tier I Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Birth Photographer, Lactation Educator

Jen is the owner of Buffalo Doula Services LLC. A passionate advocate for women’s rights, feminism, and birth, Jen has found her life’s purpose in assisting each family in connecting with their own birth choices, as they become empowered to have the birth and postpartum experience they desire. She finds it incredibly humbling to support women as they grow, birth, and nourish their babies, and is honored to be invited by a woman and her partner to be part of this sacred transition. She has been thoroughly trained through BAI (birth & lactation), Stillbirthday (birth & bereavement), and LCCD (postpartum). Photography is one of Jen’s most enjoyed hobbies, and her birth photography has drawn immense attention and praise. Having struggled with infertility, Jen also has a unique understanding of the emotions, stress, and technology surrounding those who fight this particular battle. She lives in Tonawanda with her husband and two children.

(716) 599-0312

Pauline Goulah

Tier II Birth Doula, Birth Photographer

When her daughter was born almost six years ago, it was a doula who pointed Pauline in the direction of the care and education that she needed, which led to a beautiful birth experience for Pauline. Now, she is working to pay that experience forward. Pauline believes birth is a normal, natural event that is of perfect design, and her job as a doula is to remind you of this over and over again so you believe in everything awesome that is going on with your body. There is a blind instinct that ensues with motherhood that can only be heard clearly in a calm space.  Pauline works very hard to protect that calm, quiet space necessary for birth. And then, motherhood itself becomes a positive journey once you feel confident in trusting your instincts.

(703) 731-4471


Liz Beyer-Partin

Tier II Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

When Liz’s daughter was born in April 2015, she did all the things surrounding her birth that felt right to her, including hiring a doula. She describes her doula experience as interesting and different.  After a few months of processing the birth, Liz realized she was called to be a doula much earlier than becoming involved in the birth community. Friends have always come to Liz to process their feelings, never expecting her to fix them, just listen and hold space. Being a birth worker has always been what she was meant to be, but it was the birth of her daughter that made this clear.  Liz is honored and humbled each time she is able to support women and their families, and encourage them to trust their instincts, whether that is a planned cesarean, birthing center, hospital birth, planned medicated birth, home birth, or any variety of unexpected changes. Liz lives in Lackawanna with her husband Hezron and daughter Emslie.  She enjoys cooking, thrifting, reading, and progressive activism.




Nicole Woods, RN, BSN

Tier II Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Nicole is excited to partner with families as they get to know birth and early parenting! She recognizes that when a birthing family reaches their full potential, everyone benefits- the new family, their village of support, and the healthcare delivery system. As a nurse and doula, Nicole brings experience from various levels of the healthcare industry to help families thrive in the birth process. Nicole provides a comprehensive service designed to encourage independence, respect, stability and wholeness of the birthing family. She works to elevate standards of care and reduce birth-related trauma. She is currently training as a Prenatal and Perinatal Educator in birth psychology with the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). A mother of four children, Nicole perceives parenthood as a great privilege. She is in love with her amazing family and is deeply grateful for the ongoing lessons they teach.




Melissa Carrick

Tier II Birth Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, Essential Oil Wellness Consultant and Aroma Touch Certified, Adult and Infant CPR trained

Melissa Carrick is the owner of Wellness Within.  It is her passion to guide others’ in their journeys!  Her curiosity about the body first led her to assisting in surgery, as a surgical technologist. As someone who craves ongoing personal growth, she gradually added massage therapy and reflexology, essential oils, yoga, and birth doula work to her resume. After twelve years in the medical field, she is happy to combine her knowledge of the physical body with the wisdom of the mental and emotional body. The root of all her interests falls within the realm of education. Not only does she love learning, she loves teaching. It is her goal to leave families feeling informed, prepared, and empowered; trusting and believing that all we need to succeed already lays within us.

Please visit her website for a list of services and varying package prices at:

716-566-8050 (call or text)



Ali Photiadis

Student Birth Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Fertility Yoga Specialist, Certified Barre Instructor, Dr. Sears Pregnancy Health Coach, Doterra Wellness Advocate and Aromatouch Therapy, Essential Yoga Academy Member

Ali believes and trusts in the process of life.  Being pregnant and giving birth are amazing, natural phenomena that are to be celebrated and revered.  Women harness unbelievable strength, power, and beauty in pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.  Ali has found her passion in guiding and empowering women from preconception, through the birthing process and beyond. As a licensed massage therapist for almost 13 years, a yoga teacher for 10, and a doula for the past few years, she combines her knowledge and skills of the body, mind and spirit from anatomy and physiology, bodywork, breath, meditation, movement, essential oils and healthy living, into one loving practice, caring for and supporting women and families.

Ali is a mama of two beautiful girls. She founded Essential Family Wellness WNY in 2017.

716-207-8385 call or text


Njeri Motley

Student Birth Doula

Njeri is a certified birth Doula through the Buffalo Doula Collective, as well as a homemaker and provider. She is married and the mother of 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. She believes that the power and strength given to women concerning childbirth is incomprehensible, honorable and supernatural. Njeri has assisted family members, friends, and complete strangers in child birthing and her passion in this profession matches her dedication.  Her objective is to give her clients the absolute best experience birthing their child into the world.



Phoebe Casper

Student Birth Doula, Student Postpartum Doula

Phoebe is an intuitive student who wishes to empower women through her work as a doula. Since attending her first midwife-assisted home birth at age four, she has grown up with an unwavering appreciation of the processes that women undergo during pregnancy and childbirth. Her growing concern for the culture of pregnancy in the United States has led her to dedicate herself to her work by becoming a certified birth and postpartum doula through LCCD and The Buffalo Doula Collective. Phoebe wishes for all women to feel fearless, confidant, and supported throughout each trimester and each contraction, so that when the time comes, a mother’s attention is focused only on meeting her baby for the first time.



Leah Janus, RN, MSN

Student Birth Doula

Leah has an RN, MSN and specialized in labor and delivery. She will also be completing her hours to obtain her APRN, where her focus is in women’s health, specifically obstetrics/gynecology. She is a DONA trained birth doula and is lactation certified. It is her goal to assist women in feeling respected and empowered during pregnancy, labor and birth, and to provide the best individualized care for each family that she serves. Leah is a mother of four and lives in Hamburg with her husband and children.



Megan Hoag

Student Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Since learning of evidence based care and the role of a doula throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, Megan has found her life’s’ purpose in guiding families to make informed choices, and to have the birth and postpartum they deserve. This purpose will forever be engraved in her heart and will continuously create a fiery passion within her soul. Informing women and families of their options and allowing them to be empowered throughout motherhood is her goal. Megan is a certified birth and postpartum doula, trained by the International Doula Institute, and hopes to continue her education by becoming a childbirth educator, a lactation consultant, and anything else that strikes her fancy in the field. She is currently living in Buffalo with her boyfriend and frisky kitten. She loves reading, horseback riding, and Scuba diving.