To create a local standard of doula professionalism through care of our families, respectful collaboration with healthcare providers, and continuing education for doulas. To create a connection between local birth professionals and Western New York families.

The Buffalo Doula Collective provides evidence-based support and guidance to assist women and their families in having the most empowering pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences possible. We believe that all individuals seeking access to supportive services along the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences and outcomes should have access to nonjudgmental, evidence-based care. We provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women and their families regardless of age, race, income level, sexual orientation, or religion. As a full spectrum doula service, this includes, but is not limited to: fertility, birth, VBAC, breastfeeding, postpartum, abortion, birth control, miscarriage, still birth, c-section, adoption, surrogacy and parenthood.

We honor the doctors, nurses, midwives, and other birth professionals who are serving the families of Western New York. The Collective is working to define the role of doula in the same space with medical care providers to create a collaborative and mutually respectful atmosphere.

Training, mentoring, professional development, and support from and for all doulas is essential. We believe that by providing opportunities for growth—for both new and experienced doulas—we strengthen our community of doulas. We believe that by collaborating, getting input, and sharing knowledge, we can strengthen the positive and help create the evidence-based, respectful care our families deserve.

The Buffalo Doula Collective trains and mentors doulas providing a doula certification with Life Cycles Collective Doulas (LCCD) of WNY. We provide resources, support and opportunity for continued education to ensure doulas are fully prepared to meet the needs of the community.

Please contact us with questions at buffalodoulacollective@gmail.com.